OUR FIRST WIN! – PUBG Xbox One X Gameplay

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Our 1st Chicken Dinner on my new Xbox One X on PUBG!
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  1. i got my first win on my first day of playing on xbox with a UAZ in solo. also, i got 2nd in solo. and, i got 2nd place in a duo. my partner died right away and i was murdering teams crazy. it was just me against another team i knock one and the 2nd one kills me. i was so butthurt

  2. They need to add wild animals like dogs that bark so it gives away your position if you spook them. Maybe some wolfs that attack you in packs if they see you as a threat, the game is very slow and you can get into the top 10 just by hiding which would be harder/less boring if you had more dangers.
    I would like to see claymores or betties added to.

  3. Looks fun but Nothin special, not 10/10, I dnt see this game n the same league as loz:botw, Tht is a 10/10 game, but even as a shooter I dnt see this game n the same league as halo another 10/10, but if u love it Nothin wrong with Tht everybody has there preference, like I hated cod: modern warfare and everything after but loved when it was ww2 based especially the cod 3 on 360.

  4. Ugh so annoying when they speak all I hear is "Pc master race" like every word lmao stop beating around the bush and tell the people this game is fucking trash on xbox lmao

  5. I tried to delete pubg on my Xbox One to delete all the data and start over but when I re downloaded it everything was still there. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  6. He is using the new Xbox keyboard and mouse controller not controller pad this shit ruins the console gameplay get the fuck outta here go back to your pc

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