Odell Lake for the Apple II

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Came also out for:

Commodore 64

Game description:

Odell Lake is an educational simulation game about the lives of fish. Set in an underwater ecosystem, players play as one of several species of fish and play by selecting actions from a list at each junction in the game. The goal is to survive and find food while avoiding hostile creatures and exploring the lake.

There are two ways to play, “go exploring” or “play for points.” In “play for points” mode the player is assigned a random species of fish to play as and earns points for making the best decision in each encounter.

Species of fish include rainbow trout, whitefish, and mackinaw trout. There are other living things around the lake as well including fishermen, plankton and otters.

What I think:

Being a fish is so much fun as never before!


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  1. I played this game before.  Control+A throws up management options here.  It's too bad you can't play as an Otter or an Osprey.

  2. yeah totally remember this game, played it in elementary at least 15 years ago. Small computer games like these were fun at school, was one of my favorite games in the day.

  3. When I was in first grade or so I loved playing this during computer time at school. I had to do a math program before I could play it though since it was for fun.

  4. This isn't the version I remembered playing (black & green monochrome). I thought I remember playing this, starting out as a little fish and having to survive long enough to become a big fish. I could be mistaken, it was 25+ years ago.

  5. What is this 1983 or something, God im reliving my childhood. YES, I REMEMBER THE 80"s! Certainly better times than this cacophony.  I always played as the Mackinaw Trout, as well, it was the biggest fish. They should have just renamed this game to Mackinaw Trout.

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