NOMED Demo Teaser | Indie Horror Game – SHE GOT SHOT FOR AN APPLE?!

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sorry for the short game! Wish it was longer but it was all I had T-T I will find something better for tomorrow!
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NOMED – a first-person psychological thriller.

Face the torment in the mystical world of Nomed, filled with human cruelty. Embark on a journey to discover yourself.

You wake up in an odd, dark, completely unknown place.
You have no idea how you came to be here. Only you can find an answer to this question.
You have nothing else to do, you can only search for answers.
Beware, though. The answers may be more horrifying than the world that surrounds you. Are you ready to learn the truth?
Can you also get away from the newfound world? Is there a way out?
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  1. Sorry for the somewhat okay sound and awkward lighting lol going to set up things differently for tomorrow's recording! Hope everyone enjoys the short video. The game seems interesting but for now this demo is just a somewhat, alright walking simulator right now. Also let me just say, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is freaking amazing.

  2. you and nerdcubed are the only ones I watch… every time I begin watching a video, i go through like… a content flip? it just feels so weird going from obscure 80's pop culture references to a game with HUGE amounts of… well what it has, and your slightly more serious take on your commentary. I dunno, just wanted to share this pointless fact. 🙃

  3. that symbol on the ground close to the fourth minute of the video, that symbol looks like the ones on the movie Arrival, it might even be the same I'm not sure but it sure as hell seemed familiar to me haha

  4. Praise the sun for lighting Jerejoe's face! [+]/ Sorry. I had to do it. lol 😛 This game would've been a lot better had it actually had gnomes. Hopefully one day we'll get a gnome horror game. lol Great video!

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