NO MORE CRASHES? PUBG Xbox Patch #4 Summary

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Patch 4 has gone live on PUBG Xbox One with some nice fixes & features. Crash fixes, FPP Solo servers & more! Ben tells all you need to know about the update!
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  1. Something that got me kinda annoyed today is that I had to tap over on the D-pad for each bullet I needed from a looted body and it took forever to get 60 rounds. Maybe there’s an easier way but I couldn’t find it?

  2. Played a couple dozen matches both in duos and solo after the patch. Game is much more stable, I haven't been booted yet and had my duo partner get booted only once while driving a car.

  3. The vehicle META is most problematic in single player games. Even with the increased gun damage it is difficult to bring down someone in a vehicle (even on the highest sensitivity settings you cannot track the gun as fast as a moving car). Even if you are able to hit the vehicle, you instantly give away your position and get taken out by the other people on foot.

  4. Haven't crashed since the update! I always crashed at the shooting range, but things have improved well. Game play seems less jerky. Not perfect, but definitely an improvement. Xbox one.

  5. My friends and I have played first person only mode on pubg after this update why is everyone saying it's not out yet only solo first person? Just go to duo or squad and have your teammates join and under start it says "TPP FPP" and we hit FPP and that's it

  6. Well its bullshit because it still dumps to memory. IT DUMPS TO MEMORY. The fundamentals of this game will need to change before xbox can accomodate it.

  7. Glad to see you guys over here on PUBG Console, seems like more crashing on the XBOX One, the XBOX One X is super smooth and almost crash free.. Digging the new B Binding for controls (COD style). BTW, F WOT.

  8. I crash every once in awhile. Used to be almost every game. Now I want the graphics to render when I drop. I hate not being able to loot because I might get stuck in a wall.

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