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Since some people wanted to see how Mirimar would like at night I decided to create it using Photoshop. The screenshot is of Valle del Mar. Subscribe, like and share for MORE! πŸ™‚

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Wallpaper Download:—HdPeVcc9vtASuTao6JeEeysYSJK/view?usp=sharing

Wallpaper Without Logo Download:

You may use my recreation in any video/stream as long as you credit me.

Music Credit: Aoffy Gaming – Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds – New Theme 2018 (Rock Version)
Music Link:


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  1. such a badass pic, showing that you have amazing photoshop skills i would like to have, nice work overall, i would also like to see a lightning effect from raining mode it could make the photo greater the way i am imagining this. keep it up^^

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