New Update Gameplay! | PUBG Mobile Lightspeed | Full Game | Desert Map! (Miramar)

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Here is a full gameplay for the upcoming new map (miramar for pubg mobile).


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Device: iPhone 6s plus
Screen recorder: ios recorder
Outro song: Sonbeat Instrumental

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  1. I apologize if you find this video uncomfortable with all the mouth sounds. It's not me playing. It's a beta tester from China that plays and tests the new version of the game 🙂 its A random dude from china playing, very few people Got selected to try the new map. Sadly i wasn’t one of Them.

    A new Update has been dropped for Pubg Mobile global version! Ios and Android!

    Have a great Day 🙂

  2. Ok so… This is what REAL game play looks like. Not that hacking little piece of shit powerbang pussy who has to hack to win every single game and always get all the lvl 3 gear. I can't stand that fucker. But I've really enjoyed watching your video's Izzo, cause you obviously keep it real.

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