NEW PUBG MOBILE MIRAMAR Map Update with ULTRA + HDR + ANTI-ALIASING | Global Update Version 0.5.0

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So the Global update is finally here. Version 0.5.0 of PUBG Mobile brought lots of things for us. The new Miramar map , new settings and finally Ultra graphics setting. In this video I cranked up everything in the setting. With Ultra graphics. HDR mode and Anti-aliasing let’s see how the game looks on my OnePlus 5 (Android).

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  1. The game natively runs at 30fps , Download the app "GFX tool for battleground" from the playstore and you'll get 60fps (if your phone can handle that)…. difference is of course monumental!!!!

  2. S8 and this is OP. Woops the shit outa your battery though so if you have an older phone I wouldnt recommend it even if it runs! Only because your putting allot of strain on an already old possibly wore down battery that was made before people started accounting for strains like this. And to anyone that is putting this much strain on there phone do NOT GO OUTSIDE with it…i dont care if you have the newest phone lol i have an s8 sp its clean. But you will at least damage the battery the phone and at worse yourself over heating leads to exploding batteries. And while sure some of you are like well duh dumbass I know this is a fact and still catch myself bringing it outside and it's something that some may just know but not think is as big a deal or even put two and two together. Just want to keep people from getting hurt with batters getting bigger more dangerous and even lethal in cases just be safe. Someone should make a new map tips video or anyone know a good one?

  3. Im not sure if pubg players notice this requirement on fine pixel aiming if you may call it, on picking the right pubg mobile phone.Does this phone have fine detail aiming movement specially at 4x or 8x scope? I hope someone who plays pubg know what I mean. You'll know this specially when your aiming at a far distant target and trying to move your scope to that target at the tiniest detail. Sigh its so hard to explain, something a pubg player will notice.

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