New PUBG Map + Week 15 Patch Notes

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Early Access – Week 15 – Patch Notes

Added SEA (Southeast Asia) server
Client Performance
Improved UI performance

Bug fixes
Fixed a bug that caused a character to walk through gas station wall.
Fixed a bug that caused a character to stand on top of a tunnel after getting out of motorbike inside of a tunnel.
You can no longer get out of a vehicle if the vehicle is blocked all the way around.
Fixed a bug that made a teammate’s weapon invisible in spectator mode
Fixed an issue of the scope crosshair appearing blurry when post-processing quality is set to high
Adjusted GROZA rail to better fit Holographic Sight and Red Dot Sight
Fixed a bug that caused ammo not to drop after dropping Extended Mag with full Backpack
Vehicle tire effects will change immediately when the vehicle is on a different type of ground

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