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PC 1.0 Update –

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  1. The funniest part is that is way easier to switch over to play something on a PC than it is to switch over from a PC to a console. I played overwatch on PC for the first time ever for the free weekend and placed an account in masters. My friend who plays on PC tried on console and he just got shit on. Console gamers just have way more experience with fps games and are generally better. All those hours on Halo 1, 2, 3 and every COD game has made us god like.

  2. It’s not cross platform! They’ve stated they wished it could be but because of the difference In Live and Steam, there is no way it could be cross platform at this time!

  3. It will not be fair for the console players at all. I use both my console and PC for playing some games, and can 110% assure you the PC players will completely dominate console players in capable aim. And XBOX players will have to go through the entire inventory menu(s) with a joystick, whereas PC players can do everything at the least of 2x faster.

  4. I DP! I have an idea on a new format of video. How about let your sub share with you some replays, you should analyze and comment this videos (like the movement we do, the positioning and so on).
    I think that this would be a perfect way for the new player to learn and also for us too.
    What do you think about?

  5. If xbox players want to play with PC people, they should have to play without aim assist. How did they think aim assist was a good idea for a game where being sneaky matters? Imagine you go to a drop, find a ghillie suit, its last circle, you're hiding it out waiting for other players to pick eachother off, then all of a sudden, bam, your perfect hiding spot is ruined because everybody pretty much has a weak aimbot.

  6. Why is everyone crying about keybord and mouse on Xbox….. Fortnite has that available. But because of the way they work on consoles. The top plays use controllers. Just look at the leaderboards then their streams. Key board and mouse doesnt do anything for you on console. If you cant line up a shot with a joustick. Something is wrong with your thumbs. Aim assist is a nuance. Nothing is more annoying then shooting at someone and someone behind a wall causes your crosshair to follow them and not the person youre currently shooting at.

  7. everytime a stuck up PC gamer says "console peasant" i get offended, but then get unoffended because the term 'peasant' actually describes me perfectly. evidence? i don't a have a beefed up monster gaming system like a PC, just a very old xbox one which is running on its last legs. sometimes the truth hurts. also, yes. i am jealous that my parents don't buy me an absurdly over-priced computer just like the rest of you whiney bitch faggots, or if you like the politically correct term 'PC gamers'.

  8. As much as I like the thought of cross play I'm skeptic of a pc player turning on me when I'm shooting at them or how they are able to snipe easier

  9. Microsoft knows how to win… Xbox + Halo! This is now Xboxone + PUBG! This is going to be a mega win for kids and they will look back like we do for Halo and the original Xbox!!! So awesome!!!

  10. I've got a PC and building it up was so annoying, but Xbox is just so chill I known you get 2 year old calling you gay , but I'm glad it comeing to xbox

  11. When it comes to gamer I like something simple and easy to use, with PC you need graphics cards and Storage. So stop bitching about your got a PC and no life

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