New Nintendo Switch in 2019: What does this ACTUALLY Mean?

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Will this new version of the Switch be more powerful? Will it play different games? How much of a change will it be? Is it going to iterate in the same way that Microsoft and Sony have in the past? Most likely not…

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  1. The answer to this debate is simple to me, but please read this whole thing to judge for yourself. It has to do with sales. The switch revision will be more graphically capable. Higher resolution, bigger screen, better battery life. As well as more powerful dock that can push higher resolution and frame rate. Simply doing what ps4 and Xbox did with the pro and one. Why is it a mystery and why do we not get to see Metroid prime 4, and 2019 Pokémon? They have 20 million units to sell this year. The new Metroid and probably Pokémon is going to run on this new switch. If they let us see Metroid now, they have to say this new hardware exist and then they fall short of 20 million this fiscal year from people that decide to wait. On the other hand, we see Metroid prime 4 in full 60fps HD gameplay footage on the newly announced revision after the 2018 fiscal year with a release date in fall 2019… BOOM! They sell almost as many switches as the have already sold to play Metroid and Pokémon. If Zelda BoTW and Mario Odyssey could push systems, imagine the money they could make off of a more powerful switch revision, Metroid and Pokémon! This screams taking over the gaming industry. And yes this move would make a lot of people angry because they have to get a new switch, but you better believe they will do it. Personally I’m not a big Pokémon fan, but MILLIONS are, and if Metroid prime 4 requires a new switch that can pull off better visuals and game play, my switch revision is preordered already.

  2. I need for the new iterations of Switch is:
    1. Can use any fast charger that can charge twice the speed of the old slow charge
    2. Internal Bluetooth w/o buying external ones that can be used by a bluetooth headsets
    3. Media players for listening music, watching some downnloaded files.
    4. Dock that doesn't scratch the screen of the switch, what a dumb design.
    5. More battery life! If not please read the number 1!!!

    If they want their switch to be a gaming portability, they should beat the mobile devices today which all of the non-gaming is already in there. Unless yes not portable that is why they removed the very best feature the streetpass.

  3. Will Wii U be less expensive now that switchis two years old…. nope…
    Unless your a hobo or a kid in a car ride,this console is worthless
    Can't wait for a cross over to pc
    Nintendo switch is the same as a 200 laptop,but no motion controls that no one even uses and a bigger screen.

  4. I hope it's in the same form factor, if it's any thinner current Joycon won't work, reduce the Bezle increase the screen to 1080p and add battery life and sell it as the console only, so it's cheap to just keep Joycon and dock and just replace the main unit

  5. Duel stand. Take all the weight off one side. Maybe a go with the "colorful" iderations. Have the systems shipped out in color. I would like to see a blue switch.

  6. Nintendo switch sells are down because it's been a slow year as far first party games go, last year we had BoTW as a launch title followed by Odyssey, That's what was so many systems last year. This year we haven't really had much in terms of AAA titles outside of maybe Mario Party which came out last month, Nintendo has been banking on Smash for mostly all of 2018 & i guarantee you when it comes out Switch sales will skyrocket.

  7. Just another money grabbing done by nintendo, same done with ps 4 pro and xbxox X giving little more as 'new' selling factor for 100+$ more for sure. It will be new 3ds xl more expensive model.

  8. I would say better processor possible memory upgrade and energy efficient oled screen. All would be pretty cool would allow for a bigger or bezelless screen.

  9. OMG Ive Just Pre-Ordered The Pokemon Lets GO Pikachu Edition Switch (never owned a switch before) For Fuck Sake Nintendo…. Okay Fine Nintendo HERES MY WALLET Just stop wasting my money and give me a top quality Switch without releasing a better one after 1 year… Seriously Nintendo I Love Ya and all your Orgasmic games but pull your shit together and stop ripping me of my money or ill personally buy a switch right in-front of you and "Super Mario Smash Bro" it across your face! – Nintendo if you want me to dip my hand in my back pocket again after that stunt you better give hand-in/swaps for those with the special edition Switches

  10. So you're telling me I bought a console less than 2 years ago for an astronomic price just so they can launch an upgraded model they've just pulled out of their asses? Good going, folks! If Nintendo goes down that path I'll just stick to PC gaming tbh… Gone are the days of buying a console on launch day and having it for years.

  11. I have a universal 90W USB-C power adapter I got on Amazon which I use for my laptop but also works just fine on my Switch to charge it quickly or while gaming portably near a wall outlet.

  12. Honestly? An improved network card. Other improvements – processor, screen, whatever – will happen. But the wifi has a lot of room for improvement. Part of that is software, sure, but the hardware is needed to match. It doesn't work with mesh networks (or, it won't switch between mesh endpoint to endpoint when moving it), it doesn't automatically switch to a network with a higher signal, etc. And, despite my router reporting it has a 2×2 radio and is 802.11n, it really feels like an 802.11a or b – the early days of wireless. It should have at least an 802.11ac chip with better software/OS support to perform better, be able to handle higher speeds (while I feel it's capable enough now, it won't be in a few years), and have a stronger or better positioned antenna (it's weak when other devices nearby have full signal).

    Oh, and BT5 supporting BT low latency protocols would be welcome, with support for BT headphones. Of course, Nintendo could just, you know, allow BT headphones now (BT4, but still good), but that's another story.

  13. I’m considering buying a switch. MArIo Kart, Zelda and possibly the new Pokémon game. Frick couldn’t forget Super Smash. Any other i games I should consider?

  14. I just want more third party games really. To be able to play Kingdom Hearts 3, Soul Calibur 6, Monster Hunter World, or any big game that is not on the Switch would be great!!

  15. The new unit is made to combat the hackability of the old console since they can't patch the hardware, they replace the hardware make us pay for new hardware.

  16. Having the joycon directly attached to the switch at all times would be a horrible idea in my opinion, I feel like the biggest physical changes would be smaller bezels allowing for a larger screen, and maybe a better kickstand

  17. You know it would actually be horrible to have a new switch considering that they are just coming out with new anticipated games that will do great for it

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