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Our first look at the new Desert map! I’m interested to hear your thoughts on these first few renders. Head down below and tell me your best words on this thing.


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  1. Good video, indicated NEW MAP FIRST LOOK in title to have more viewers, Nice troll, you're a shit. Next time suck my cock and write in title "Poney kisses"

  2. Hey Moses, great gameplay as usual. Not sure if you knew this tip or not, but if you're wondering if you will be inside the circle or not, just check your minimap for the dotted line. If it's not there, you'll be in!

  3. Imo they should fix the current map first.

    The absolute worst things about it are large rock formations who feel really buggy to jump/walk/climb on and just look like a 10-year old copy-pasted them into the landscape.

  4. The next map should be like a huge maze with random spawns that each have a reasonable distance from each other so each player can have enough time to loot. They should give the maze tons of traps and maybe even zombies that try to hunt players to spice it up. The walls of the maze could enclose and swap positioning every couple minutes to change the pathways and force players to go closer to the center. The enclosing walls should move fast and have spikes on them so player have to progress faster to not die. The center of the maze should be a big circle with many areas to take cover and should have zombies inside so that players start to panic. As the walls enclose towards the center there can be a dramatic intro where zombies are let out of a cage and flamethrowers spit fire as people run towards the circle. The outer part of the map would have a wide spread allowing a use of sniper rifles and the center would be where it's gets close quarters. Who agrees.

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