NEVER GIVE UP! Life Lesson! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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  1. Hey Ceez so my brother and I watched your video a couple days ago and it really inspired us to keep pushing to get a win no matter how bad the days where. We lost a lot of games but we were determined to keep going till we won at least one game, after we kept pushing we finally won a game and 3 others back to back after that game. All because we decided not to give up just like you. Also I like your content a lot keep it up!

  2. I've been up all night working on stuff for Req and it's currently 5:34 am. This video has me in my feels everytime I watch it and I have to do silent yeets so I don't wake my boyfriend up. You truly are the only person who can get me so hype my mans. Love everything you do!!!

  3. Brutha dunno if you still edit your video's all by yourself but man, that music at the background combined with your phenomenal speech gave me real chills… Keep it up man, love the freakin' content!!!

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