NAUGHTY NAUGHTY… ZGIRLS Part 2 | Free Mobile Game | Android / Ios Iphone Apple Gameplay HD Video

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  1. Okay this game is made on marrying and probably having sex with girls I've never seen but really Android and iOS come on at least do this on PC I don't care about that about PC but Android and iOS little kids can get a hold of this because most little kids have phones

  2. Leon you doing well. keep up the good work and stay posting on the game. not many post on the game and it truly sucks. it is a very good game to for not having that many post on it. be nice if more players was playing in city 38 . we have a 100m power there that bullies everyone there.

  3. i am willing to pay some one like 1k google pay on a card for his in game death all 100m power dropped off the school to his wall for real . all troops he has 10m troops to die. game is Zgirls ,cords is city 38 … X. 601 Y.457

  4. This game is basically like a Empire game… It's really boring had it for a little bit but this doesn't seem like the actual game it's different from how it looks near the end with talking to enables most of that stuff that happened in the video no longer happens really I don't remember it ever happening

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