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PUBG Mobile’s newest map Miramar has several mysterious islands off its coastline. These islands are rumored to have great loot and special treasure… but is dropping here worth the risk? Is it too dangerous? Powerbang explores a Miramar island drop in today’s video – will he get the chicken dinner?

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  1. I always drop there and 90% of the time it's a boat or 2 jet skis there. I think the respawn for vehicles and loot is messed up i always come out lv3d up. But a few times i did have to swim because of the vehicle respawnding don't always happen.

  2. I hate the PC Emulator 🙁 Because they can join MOBILE servers by Joining a MOBILE Player 🙁 And thats really unfair. You guys should make PC Emulators its own PC ONLY Server.

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