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MIRAMAR is HERE! PUBG Mobile FIRST GAME EVER! | Powerbang Gaming
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Today in PUBG Mobile, we got the NEW 0.5.0 Update with MIRAMAR!!! Of course we dove straight in and attempted a chicken dinner – this map is a SNIPER’s DREAM come true! Needless to say, I felt right at home 🙂

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  1. Mirimar has been fucking me over
    The best loadout i had in 5 matches was a scar with 2x scope and a Winchester
    Second best was a tommy gun and Winchester
    I couldnt use scopes on either

  2. Lucas took that 8x scope off me earlier in that game. . I was with my boys yelling at my phone. He snuck up behind me as I was prone sniping. My first Miramar game. . Small world.

  3. I liked your coc vids but I lost interest in the game and stopped watching. But my man, you're killing it in PUBG. Awesome gameplay. I'm getting better at the game just watching you play. Subscribed again. Cheers!

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