Minit Man Level 1 longplay w/ cheats (Apple II – Penguin Software)

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Minit Man (,_5_1/4%22_Disk)_Penguin_Software_-_1983_USA,_Canada_Release) was an action game published by Penguin Software in 1983 for the Apple ][. The player needs to assemble a bridge in order to transport missiles to a launch site, and then launch the missiles while fighting off flying robots.

I consider Minit Man to be one of the coolest (and hardest) action games for Apple ][. The game creator, Greg Malone, later created great games such as Moebius and Windwalker ( Hope you enjoy the longplay!

PS: The # of lives is stored at address 0xC2. The minute and second for the timer are stored at address 0x79-0x7C. I modified the game to get infinite lives and stop the timer from decrementing the minutes. Level 1 is hard enough, I have no idea how people can play Level 2 and beyond, even with cheats. 🙂

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  1. Yep. About a year ago, I undertook to give this game a savestate-fueled run, remembering how deliberately brutal the difficulty was. It turns out that even with painstakingly abused save states, the third level can't be beat without also taking advantage of the mines robots leave behind in the building (to kill off their own brethren later in the level). Though I guess infinite lives would have helped also.

    Edit: You should share how you went about implementing cheats. It's not all that straightforward, either using AppleWin or MESS. I haven't pinned it down yet myself.

    Edit 2: Meant to say the third level, not the third missile.

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