Minecraft Map Playthrough: “Chaos’s Box”

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*Note This Map can be played either Singleplayer or 2- Players*
After years of research and searching you have found it,
the infamous Chaos’s box. You and your co-worker are
more than eager to open the box, yet your other co-worker
George is more wary…the story can’t be true. What could
possibly go wrong opening a box?

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  1. Some concerns:
    – When doing the stained glass placement, I accidentally put all 64 of the stained glass into the fuser, and now I can't get them back.
    – When talking to a certain woman during the Zombie Infection, you can enter her house while she's talking, and then you end up getting stuck there, and having to parkour out of her backyard.
    – Some grammar/spelling mistakes

  2. WHEN I PAYED THE MAP IT WAS FUN BUT THE COMMAND BLOCKS glitched 2 times and the boss battle didint happen i didint finish the map the second world glitched so plz fix all of the bugs on single player

  3. HELLO!… I really miss your maps… a lot! And I am very glad to see you released another map… the map was great, the storyline was great… but I still miss SolveIt….. Its the most wonderful map series you've created… When I played the first map, the cornerstone one, it really got my attention…. so I played until the last map… I really hope to see another map from that sereis… We really miss it 😀

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