Minecraft: Golden Apple Shrine w/ Secret!

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Click to watch Minecraft: Hunt for the Golden Apple Ep. 1

So I asked you guys what I should have done with the lower room in my Golden Apple world, and you delievered your ideas promptly. So the lounge / golden apple shrine area are completed. All in all over the course of 3 days it took me a total of about 5-6 hours to complete all of this. I hope you enjoyed =D

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  1. not for me most the seeds i start on have lots of gold and i dont know if it will work on the computer but on x-box 360 i typed in the seed generater diamond and although i still had to look near bedrock/lava it was not only easier to find diamonds but there was more ore's of it in one deposit so it might make it easier to find a ore by typing it in the seed

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