Minecraft 1.8 World Download Tutorial w/ TheProVidz

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LiteLoader: http://jenkins.liteloader.com/job/LiteLoaderInstaller%201.8/

World Download Mod: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qnkel502h2ho4q7/1.8_World_Downloader.zip

Winrar: http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm

Texture Pack: (Not The One In This Video)



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  1. my worlddownloader.zip folder doesnt contain the same stuff and idk what to do. instead of whats in yours theres a folder named assest net and wdl. how do i fix his?

  2. Boi dis don't work, I put it in my mod folder 1.8(with schematica and optifine), I run my game, and its like if i never put the mod in my folder! So in other words, it's not in my game. PLease help!

  3. It All worked perfectly fine For Me πŸ™‚ Everything worked straight away i downloaed Hypixel bedwars map, The Lobby And Mineplex Lobby! Im gonna use it on a faction server so that i can look for bases in creative and get coords

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