Microwave for the Apple II

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Came also out for:

Game description:

In Microwave you have to guide Teddy through many levels of mazes and collect various items, while avoiding baddies. There are also grenades, which will explod after a certain time.
As soon as those become purple, Teddy should avoid them!

Teddy can place laser barriers that kill enemies who are walkingrunning into it.

What I think:

Quite fun game and it even has the Cantina theme from Star Wars!!!


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  1. Methinks there is a glitch on screen 2. And about the soundtrack: Heck yes it's brain-melting, and wow, no other game had a full length soundtrack that stretched the ordinary Apple ii speaker like this one!

  2. @YearOfCam I always wondered about screen 2. All the versions I saw had the same mess, and it doesn't actually obscure the gameplay at all. Given that you're playing a salvage man, I presumed it was just part of the junkyard.

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