1. yeah, real hardware can play this much smoother then emulation. this proves it.

    man glad you found a zipgsx, how much did you pick one up for ?

  2. @madmax2069
    I agree, no emulation can match the smoothness of playing stuff on real iigs hardware. I got the card for a little over $100, so not cheap, but one of the more decent prices I've seen. I was searching for one for close to a year, hoping I'd be one of those lucky guys you hear about that find fully loaded IIGSes in thrift stores for $5. But that never happened. Still, worth every penny in my book.

  3. @BrianPicchi wow $100 is really cheap for one of those from the $200+ that i have been seeing them go for. I wish that i can only be as lucky. does the ZipGSX modify the power up screen any like the transwarp does ?

    have you ever thought of hooking the IIgs up to a video capture card (or usb dongle) to get better video quality ? they sell those 3.5" to RCA audio cables which would also help with sound. RCA video out on the IIgs will work on many RCA equip TVs so it should be able to be done.

  4. Impressive demo, very Amiga like, recognise a couple of Amiga mod tunes in there.

    Another thing I recognise is the Ninjaforce logo, is the same logo as Amiga game developer Thalion from Germany. Thalion released games – No Second Prize, Lionheart, Ambermoon on the Amiga in 1992-93 so I'm guessing they must be the same coders and maybe graphic artists.
    You should check those games out on youtube.

  5. @off1k
    I know some of the later members of the group had coded for the Amiga so that makes sense. I own an Amiga as well, it's sitting right next to me while I type this actually. Was playing Golden Axe just recently 🙂

  6. This youtube film makes me boot up my real IIgs! Should get it out of the box soon! I'll contact one of the authors to inform you put it up online here, to "conserve" the memories to this great demo!

  7. Weird, you seem to get alternating main menu music, I have only heard one track. Also Dotland plays completely for you at 10Mhz, I have only gotten that to happen in an emulator. My ROM 01 with TWGS runs at 12Mhz and shouldn't have that problem, it cuts off Level 2 before its done. I really need to re-download this demo, perhaps I have an older versions somehow!

  8. I've always said the IIgs was a better computer than the Mac (at the time it came out) and they would have been better off going that route instead.  If they hadn't crippled the CPU speed on purpose, it would have been quite a bit faster too.

  9. I got one question regarding the IIGS… I am sure there must be some graphics hardware acceleration or features of some sort… back in '90s… I got a IIGS started to code a demo in assembly language, but after I saw how many pixels I can transfer in one frame (1/60 seconds), I give up… but back then I was also seeing that MegaDemo and also demos made by Free Tools Association (FTA) and I was puzzle where I could get the specs for the video chip… 

  10. Very nice. If Jobs' ego hadn't lead to the GS being crippled so it would not compete with the Mac, game play could have been like this. I had friends back then who had Apple ][+'s and e's, but never a GS. I really need to find a working system at a reasonable price and put my mind to work again.

  11. I owned a ZIP GS and I'm not sure if you'll have the same issue that I had but I went through a couple power supplies before I realized that I shouldn't have it enabled all the time. To be honest, when developing programs it's always best to keep it at base specs due to the fact that not everyone tricks theirs out. That said, even programs written in BASIC ran like they were made in Orca/C with ZIP GS, I truly miss my GS.

  12. I just love demos that these coders do. Shows off some amazing things that the system can and was not supposed to be able to do. I've mostly sseen this sorta stuff on the commodore scene especially the c64 and amiga. This is a first the apple 2 and I'm seriously impressed!

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