Map Size Comparison PUBG Vs H1Z1 Vs Arma Video Vs new PUBG Desert map

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Hi & Welcome to the TheyCallMeConor channel.

Driving is for the Weak, I like to go for long walk without leaving my house. I have trekked across the Maps of every GTA Game, Far Cry series, Fallout games, the witcher wild hunt to name a few. I have time-lapsed the footage so it doesn’t take for freaking ever to see it all. Here you will find all some other sorts of gaming related content too, Lets plays Survival series 7 days to die PvP, Helpful how to videos & also a very successful weekly Minecraft Seed Spotlight series for the console Editions of Minecraft.

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  1. altis and cherno would only be nice for br if there was like 1500 players each game, maybe even to be able to have a large team mode like up to like 50 player teams

  2. Hey there man! I played with you on PUBG for a few games the other day (my name is The_Sullivan) and was wondering if you would want to again sometime?

  3. Around 9 months ago I commented on your "Walk Across Ep. #51: Mafia III" that I'd binge watch your vids in history class. Well I'm still appreciating your vids and even reccomended your channel to some people. Glad I stayed.

    Oh and I failed that history class. I graduated though thank fuck.

  4. PUPGs map may be smaller but it's way more detailed and better planned out. It all feels natural. There's not too much of anything. Just the perfect amount for the game

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