Manhattan Project 2: Minutes to Midnight Review with the Game Boy Geek

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My review of the sequel to the Manhattan Project Minutes to Midnight by Minion Games. In this worker placement game, you’ll be moving up technology tracks, researching, building, testing, and launching nukes on bombers, and submarines.

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  1. I've just played once, at 2 player count, and love it. I don't really know if you can directly compare it to the original game, being that TMP is a race mechanic and TMP2 is a traditional Euro with end game scoring. They are different animals, in my mind. Having said that, I'd say that TMP2 might be superior to its parent, with the depth of decision making. This isn't a production line game like you had to have in TMP; this is meeting one demand after another, fending off intrusions, infiltrating other players' tableaus (in a far more meaningful way than TMP), and still having to build an engine after those 4 scoring events to enable you to weather end game scoring. I'm eager to try it at higher player count.

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