Making Minecraft Skins – 11

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ok so I fixed my imovie so I can post again……………………….

skindex username: eunicegaming
(all my skins I have made in videos are located here)

instagram: e.u.nice_
(I take most requests from here)

recorder: quicktime player
editor: imovie

i’ll be posting a video of how i edit videos next week if anyone is interested =b

(i wanna apologise for not being to post videos weekly;
school work is getting in the way and i barely have the time to record and edit a video. i will try as much as i can to post whenever i have free time!)

any questions message me on ig:



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  1. Please can you make a girl skin for me? Please can it have blonde or brown hair, a pastel blue top with pastel pink shorts and black head phones? Thanks : )

  2. U probably won't get to mine, but I am going to ask just in case, so could u pls make my skin:

    HAIR- bright green (kinda like jacksepticeye, lol) that goes into a darker shade of green

    EYES-. light blue or brown

    OUTFIT-. Long sleeve grey shirt and vest with hood (Navy blue or SUPER dark green whatever looks best)
    Cut jeans and brown boots😛

    If u can't make my skin I understand, but pls reply so I know u got my request. Ty😻

  3. Hi can you please make me a skin I want it

    Brown hair
    Black eyes
    A grey flannel
    Grey headphones
    And a flower band
    Thanks so much it means the world to me and you mean the world to me too! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️you so much

  4. Hello, You Are A Great Yt Just To Say! One Simple Question:
    Are You Able To Make Me A Skin?
    If So, Please Make It Like This:
    (A Boy Firstly)
    Black Hair,
    Dirty Green Eyes,
    A Simple Top,
    A Cap,
    And Some Trousers With Rips In Them
    (Shoes You Can Decide)
    Thank You, If You Are Capable To Do It. It's Alright If You Arent!

  5. Hi!! You're so good at skin making so can you make me a girl with blue eyes brown hair and a yellow sunflower or her white shirt, and just some grey pants with white shoes

  6. I subscribed just today and I like watching your YouTube videos because it's fun because I like seeing people on the same level as meh with making skins! My friends are either out of my league or they don't know how to make a skin. Love the skin <3.

  7. Hi can u make a girl skin with purple hair long hair and it has a blue shirt and the pants are short and they are black and she has headphones 🙂

  8. Hello! I was wondering if you could make a skin for me! brown hair that kinda fades into blonde at the ends, and green eyes with whatever clothes you want! 😄

  9. Amazing video your my favourite YouTuber 🙂 And I was wondering if you can make a girl skin for me if not it's fine

    Can the hair be all pinkish and then it goes onto a darker Pink
    And white earphones
    I will let you choose the clothes 🙂 thank you so much btw!! 😀

  10. Hey! I am new here and I was wondering if you can make mine. I got Red hair light, Light red eyes, I am a kitty cat Pink colors I want a bow on the back of my head, Want shorts ,socks any kind of shoes and any shirt you can pick the clothes if you want I just want something cute and amazing!

  11. Could you make a girl skin with long brown hair with pink tips. The pants should be navy and the shoes can be converse. The shirt should be a gray shirt with some stripes. Also put some glasses on the skin. If you make that I will Sub to you. You make awesome vids and I wanna see more so I can like. I just subscribed rn! So it would make my day if u made this skin. I know it's challenging but I would always like to see a challenge on any YouTube channel. XOXO! And be good. Don't drink. XD!

  12. hey love ur skins, do u think u can make a girl with black hair fading into red with a flannel shirt? (u can pick the eyes) thx so much, love u <3 <3

  13. Can you please make a skin for my friend it's gonna be for her bday she's getting mimecraft and I am buing her VIP in Hipyxel and I really wanna give her a skin an you make it whit brown hair that goes to blonde brown eyes and a bracelet bc we both wear the same bracelets for iur friendship ty if you do it I love all your vids <3 <3

  14. can u make mine red and light blue hair red eyes black and red Adidas shorts black and green shoes my skin is tan and make him have the nike jacket also spikey hair and put L as a logo on the back of the jacket my name is littledashie11 or Littledashiegames

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