Let’s Play Tiny Bang Story – 04 Apple World

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This is my favourite world in the game so far. The iWorld … get it? Apple? Huh? Ok that was terrible… I apologize. Still this world has great music and ambience to enjoy while I fail at the puzzles.


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  1. @artisin6559 to be able to take the apples you have to click first on the desk from the left side of that lady and then you'll be able to take them. I'm talking about the empty shelf wit the little pieces of paper…

  2. About the plate with holes in it you had to slide across the paper with numbers, look back at 18:36.
    5-2=3 (first number), 8-7=1 (second number), 4-1=3 (third number), 7-5=2 (fourth number)
    So the combination is 3132

  3. I've collected all the parcels, but it keeps showing I still have one to get. I've counted them all, collected all the ones in your film and still it says I have one to collect. Has this happened to anyone else.

  4. And the red buzzy fly in the help box won't help, and the other little buzzy things won't go in the help box because it already has a red one in there. There is not a single place left to find any parcels. This feels like a glitch. I keep leaving it, then coming back to it. Is there anyway of going back a step and doing this whole parcel challenge again. I don't want to start the whole game again.

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