1. Awesome version of this awesome game. Especially when using an accelerator! Only the 3DO surpassed this and the Amiga version as far as graphical fidelity.

  2. Very cool! I didn't know the IIGS was capable of something like this, but then again I don't know very much about the system.
    I like how there are actually games taking advantage of accelerators.

  3. Its a small world. I happen to own the very GS-RAM+ and SoundMeister cards that Nathen Mates used to program many things with including perhaps the unreleased Twilight II 2.0. He sold all his hardware when he left the Apple II community in 1998.

    Not too many people had a 12Mhz IIgs in 1992, it was before WDC released the stable 14Mhz 65c816 (easily clocked to 20Mhz, their test equipment only ran up to 14Mhz).

  4. @laffer35
    There weren't many, but the ones that did were really something. NinjaForce and other groups put out some really nice demos that depended on accelerators as well.

  5. Wow, this looks great. I really had no idea that the IIGS was capable of visuals like this. I was always under the impression it was a rather weak machine, thanks to games I used to play on it in elementary school, such as the Oregon Trail.

  6. @Lazy Game Reviews The 3DO port was mentioned by Eric as overdone, and that the backgrounds made the entire game look flat as polygons don't mix well together with 'em. (But Interplay did need something to show off the capabilities, so I wouldn't blame 'em)

    ..But, you can also try the 20th Anniversary available on PCs and handhelds.

  7. omg i have been trying to find the name of that out of this world show for years.. its one of the first shows i have a memory of (i was born in 84)..

  8. @TanRu Nomad do you know of a game where you were a green 3d triangular tank and you went around and shot stuff (i believe it was for the IIgs, sorry for being really non-descript)..

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