Lemonade Stand on Apple IIc

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An Apple classic, “Lemonade Stand” was an educational business strategy game released by MECC in 1979 for elementary-school aged children, and remains one of my all-time favorite Apple II games.


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  1. Love that twist near the end. I can imagine all those signs for "BBISHOPPCM COMPUTERS" (from the generic notebook video) and only having 4 PCs for sale.

  2. Brandon,

    I have an Apple //e with a color display and have Lemonade Stand, Hangman, Zork, Reader Rabbit, Stickybear Spellgrabber, and a whole host of other games. I have not switched in on in 10 years though. The machine and software was a donor from my middle school.

  3. boy this brings back memories. played it often on the apple IIe in elementary school. oddly enough when I acquired that software box of old Mecc programs and games. I didn't see that title, darn.

  4. There were several versions of Lemonade Stand. I have seen versions with a 1977 copyright date, and my Apple IIc came with one bearing a 1984 copyright date. The lemonade stand graphics differ in them. Your copy is the one off Asimov, the only one I've seen with that style of graphics.

    EDIT: The 1984 version is a port to ProDOS. It supports lowercase input too.

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  6. I remember being in middle school and in the computer lab, we had Hot Dog Stand for the original Mac which was similar to Lemonade Stand, except you made hot dogs and I think it showed animations for people walking up to the stand to buy stuff after you chosen the amount of hot dogs you made for the day.

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