Leaked Harry Potter RPG: 10 Details You Need To Know

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Last week we saw a leaked trailer for an untitled Harry Potter RPG. It almost broke the internet. Warner Bros went on a takedown spree, and now we’re convinced it’s real. We’ve heard a little more about this title since then, so let’s give you the lowdown. #HarryPotterRPG

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  1. Is anyone going to mention the Basilisk in the room? 1800's Wizarding world means the culture is closer to 16-1700s great Britain. Meaning women are not equal to men, will the game include the bigotry to 1st gen magicals? I can see this ticking a whole group of people off if they keep true to the world by Rowling.

  2. If this is real, I’m hoping that there is some way to link the game to the Pottermore website. Then allow us to choose whether or not we want to change certain things for the save. That would be amazing.

  3. I would love micro transactions if they were for cosmetics and housing, like player rooms or laboratories, maybe even private space in diagon alley if you earn enough rep. The games need to make money and not wanting micro transactions is not going to allow games like this to be a reality. Properly managed and implemented transactions for sure would be great.

  4. Warner Brothers is failing me not giving me a open world Lord of the rings rpg game with classes with ability’s. We don’t need this Harry Potter rpg game.

  5. Definitely will be playing it no matter how bad or good it ends up being. If it is good however, I can see myself playing something like this for years.

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