Kings Of The Desert! | PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Desert Map Duos

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Hey guys, today ChocoTaco and I join up for an epic round on the new desert map for PUBG.


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Weapon Stats:

Computer Hardware:
Acer Monitor:
Headphones ATH-700X:

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  1. The new map is god awful… End game, unless you are perched on a hill with cover, you are fucked and may as well just quit to lobby. No cover at all and it just becomes a scope fest.

  2. You can just right click on the scope or the attachments to quick load on to your currently holding weapon, so you don't need to drag it all the way to the gun on the right of the inventory. GG!

  3. the thing i love about this map is that there are alot less clutter that can help out with the fps stability..alot less trees really helped and the dynamic of combat with less tree cover is really nice..contrast of characters from the background makes it a dream for long range engagements..this is a really fun map for me

  4. whaat kinda pc you need run this game i have an acer aspire es15 and it is very laggy/trynna keep up with the game if thatmakes since and everything is on very low

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