Is Apple TV the Future of Gaming? – In the Wulff Den with Will and Bob

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Apple revealed its new Apple TV. Will it change video games forever?

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  1. Is apple the future of gaming?
    Short answer:
    long answer:

  2. I stream my movies and TV shows on Apple TV. I think there's an option to download in the settings, but I prefer to stream so I don't have to worry about space. Plus I'm not a big downloader in that respect.

    Kids were the first thing I thought about when I saw the keynote mention the addition of games. Parents who don't want to buy a console could concede with this, but eh…there's better options out there for a kid to game on. I don't think it'll last long, but I think developers could really make it awesome if they put some effort into it and if Apple comes out with a controller.

  3. It would be interesting if their was some kind of dock for your phone (iOS and Android) that could turn it into an Apple TV-like experience. You plug it into the dock that's on your entertainment center, grab your controller, and sit on the couch while the screen switches to the TV showing software similar to the Apple TV but the games all run on your 64GB phone

  4. +The Wulff Den congrats on 2 years AND on 5,000 subs!!! you guys seem genuinely cool, you put out dope content, and care about your fans, so you guys deserve the shit outta this!!!

  5. It cinna is an entry level console and I think it's powerful enough for me to play games like telltale, asphalt or modern combat.

  6. Trust me, this is the beginning of the end of councils. 3rd party companies are already making actual controllers. This is new, the MB will be expanded in the future. It will be changed. Apple does move slow because they don't dive into things fast. They want to go slow and gradually upgrade.

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