If Apple Were STILL 100% Honest With Us…

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Apple. We don’t innovative, we stagnate.

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  1. I hate the apple trap because even people that don't like apple get them, a friend of mine needed a new phone and he wanted android but all his friends pressured him and said it's loads of shit so he went and got an iPhone and it sucks

  2. How is the hardware of the iPhone 6 LIGHTYEARS behind other phones? It was made in 2015, but still outperforms the note 7 and the S7 in CPU and GPU benchmarks which was made the year after, in 2016

  3. Why do you think other android phones like samsung and huewie,however you spell it, are taking over. Apple products are products that are overpriced and are made to brake so you have to spend more money ro repair them.

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