How To Make An Android / iOS Mobile Game In Unity Tutorial – Part 001

Spread the love :: Do you want to know how to a Mobile game in Unity for Android & iOS Devices? Making Mobile games in Unity is easy for beginners. Using Unity 5, we show you how to make an Endless Runner style game. We provide you with all the assets, scripts and textures you’ll need to make your own fully-fledged Mobile game. You can use any version of Unity to follow this tutorial, but it is recommended to have at least Unity 5.0.0. If you are NEW to Unity, this is perfect for you, if you want to learn how to use Unity, this is also for you.

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We use Version 5+

Whether you want to make a game like Skyrim, Mario, Minecraft or pretty much anything, we work with Unity 3D to do the basics of a game. We show you how to make a game using the software provided and writing our own code scripts in Java or C#. We use Terrain to build our land and levels. ultimately, your game can be published on several platforms including iphone, xbox, xbox one, ps3 and ps4. We also show you how to make games for Android and iOS. Our Tutorials are easy for beginners to pick up and learn. Some assets are from blender or 3d studio Max too. Enjoy the Beginners Guide to Game Making in Unity 5.


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  1. the jumping isn't working for me i followed the coding on the screen noticed it was on your website too so i used that to help and absolutely nothing works with jumping

  2. hey. I wanted to ask can I export my project to my platform for free? I mean can a very simple game be played without spending any money? pl reply

  3. This is the best tutorial on youtube. He explains everything perfectly. Good Job, Also when I have built this game can I publish it if okay with you please get back to me, I am going to change a few things anyway.

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