1. Want unlimited coins on sims free play ?
    If you do follow these steps
    1.Go on safari
    2. Type in TutuApp.Vip
    Then download
    3. Follow the steps it shows
    4. Type in on TutuApp ‘Sims Unlimited coins’
    5. Download
    6.After downloaded it should let you on but if not do what you done on ‘step 3’
    7.go on, go to party boat login to gamecenter
    8.download original app from AppStore download it
    9.Once downloaded go to party boat it should restart your game then enjoy 99.999.999 simolions (or whatever) and 120.000lp
    Enjoy like if it helped👍🏻👍🏻🤑🤑💸💸💰💰💴💴💶💶💷💷💎💎💳💳

  2. Well when I try to get my sims together well when I reached level 7 it didn't give me love in the air quest and now I'm on level 9 my sims are best friends but when I click on be nice you know that long thing where it says best friends and it keeps going up until you reach like partner and those stuff well when I click on being nice and when that 1 minute is over the green thing wont go up but when I click be rude or complain then it will go up please guys if you know whats the problem I'm begging you please tell me I really want my sims to become partners or get married and start dating

  3. And the rings matters the more expensive the ring is the more chance the other sim will except the sim and the baby doesn't take 3 day to be bron it takes 1 day only and we need to use 3 LP and I think you mixed that up.

  4. it does matter what ring you choose because cheaper rings have a lower chance of the other sim accepting while expensive rings like LP rings have a high chance of the other sim accepting

  5. I’m trying to make a baby but I only have 2 characters and idk how to move them into other households, for example, I have a girl and a boy sim but they live in different houses but they are neighbours. Is it possible to get them to live together? Like move them to make them live in the same house? 8m lvl 6 and super close to lvl seven but atm the girl sim is always in the boy sims house ( i meant Male and female)

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