How to Get Custom Skins on Minecraft Ps3 (NO JAILBREAK NEEDED)

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Needed Files:
(File has been reuploaded to my own server because google drive, mediafire and dropbox had issues)

Game IDS:
US Disc: BLUS31426
US Digital : NPUB31419
EU Disc: BLES01976
EU Digital NPEB01899

Premade Custom PCK Files:

Make your own skin packs:

Custom Skin Models:


My Website:



Check me out at others places!




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Nintendo ID: Jack179211

Xbox Gamertag: Nobledez

PSN: Nobledesert0839


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  1. I completely delete all of my games and apps and videos and photos from my console. Previously: 22GB more storage needed. After: 21GB more storage needed. LIKE WHAT THE HELL!!!!

  2. Just so you know cfw users, you can do this with a jailbreak using multiman or filezilla and it is much easier! Just go to your minecraft folder so NPEB/NPUB0XXXX Then USDIR then DLC and just drag the folder with the .pck file in it to that area and then you are DONE

  3. How do you get to download and I want custom skins can You send my custom skins and will you send me a friend request I'm on PS3 so yeah and bare bone daddy And can you make a special sans can you mean like a**** like cool boy skins

  4. Dude like legit im not paid to say this, it actually fkin worked!!! Man thx a lot!!!!! This is awesome! I have to tell my friends!!

    (Im not joking)
    Edit: maybe it works but, i started it from the DVD and there arent the skins even tho i followed every step aaaand i have there another one which shows a lock and when i click it my ps3 just stops working

    Another edit: I have a solution in patcher where you patch your backup in the user select 001 and then restore it in the ps3 then in the ps3 you will have another profile called "user01" (at least i have it like this) then once you select it just start minecraft anf it will automatically ask you for update once it updates u are ready to go its fixed and all the skins are there!! Have fun

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