How To Download Modded Minecraft Maps Easier Updated 2017, PS3/PS4/Xbox/Xbox 360!

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Sorry for the audio, my mic is a bit messed up and I talked pretty low but hopefully it’s still enjoyable and understandable!
You’ll Need:

Map Website:

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  1. For your next modded map creation you could create like a lucky block system but instead of lucky blocks you could use chests with different types of loot. So like each player gets like a stack of chests (with loot inside) and when the finish they pick out their best loot and battle different players outside of spawn. But you don't have to do it if it's to much work. If you can it will be a cool map.

  2. can you do a video without the win rar and how do i get the ps3 save folder onto my usb i cant download the map onto my usb and just plug it into my ps3? can you make it easier to do

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