Horizon V for the Apple II

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Game description:

While on a routine patrol of one of the five planetoid outposts of the Galactic Federation, you are set upon by angry G-bellians who believe you have kidnapped one of their most prized performers, Paulette the G-belly dancer. Before you are able to explain your innocence, the G-bellians attack and you are forced to defend your planetoid. Using radar and plasma weapons you destroy first the ships and then the G-bellians themselves before you run out of fuel. As you make a run for fuel, some of the G-bellians follow you into the time warp. But before you can get to your fuel you have to destroy the oncoming G-bellians. Finally you reach the fuel dump and lock into the center of the fuel target. . . then onto the next planetoid…

What I think:

Not bad, but the levels are to short and it feels repetitive…and that where the levels offer variety.


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  1. I had (have) a monochrome screen, and after playing this for about an hour in a darkened room my eyes would get buggy. I'm enjoying your retro reviews. Many of these are in my basement on 5"ers.

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