Hidden TUNNEL COMPLEX on PUBG Miramar desert map

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Discover where to find the secret tunnel complex on the Miramar desert map in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

This video will show you how to find the hidden secret tunnel complex on the PUBG Miramar map

Where on the Miramar map the tunnels are located, the three entrances to the secret underground area, and how to access the overhead walkways from the staircases located inside the tunnel complex.

There is a good selection of loot placed in the tunnel, so if you get there first, at the start of the map, you should get everything you need to be able to take on the other players – it’s also very quiet as currently no one seems to go there… but I’m sure that will change!

Another benefit of dropping at this location is that it always seems to be inside the first circle playzone as it’s not too far south, east, north or west of the map unlike some of the locations which are at the edges of the 8×8 grid.

Music from YouTube Audioswap: Tunnel (Original Mix) by Sier


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  1. Took me so long before I realized I can look this up. Been there once, couldn't remember where it was again xD Thanks!

    PS. Spot isn't as nice loot-wise as other map tunnels.

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