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  1. At alpha 4 you see the pizza van in the lake-river in act 1 you see he crashes into the pizza van and in act 3 when he wakes up you see a pizza van driving THE SECRETS ARE GETTING FOUND.

  2. Awesome video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👍🏻
    I shall like it with joy😉because this was AWESOME.
    I always love your vids
    Edit- Video Game News Thank you so much for liking my weirdo comment lol

  3. I kinda have a feeling, like why the Neighbor's house is so big in Act 3 instead of it being a two story house.

    When you remember something from a long time ago, its 'fuzzy', like its not '100% accurate'. When the player was escaping as a kid (Act 2), the whole place was surrounded with gates. I have a feeling, the house felt a lot bigger than what it actually was in that situation.

  4. Blocky Sniper I think the dark soul is the neighbour. I have a theory that the child had the feeling of neighbour as an evil man that's why the Shadow is evil shadow for the child. And the neighbour runs and looks him because he wanted to apologise but it was too late and he maybe got arrested. He than died due to his age and he comes in act 3 and secretly looks at the character as we play with. He died before apologising. He died before we could forgive him….

  5. I love Hello Neighbor, but after watching the cutscenes, I have 2 questions. 1, was the child the younger version of the player? 2, was the game just the player's dream/nightmare?

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