Gumball for the Apple II

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Came also out for:

Commodore 64

Game description:

Gumball is a puzzle game, where you, as a worker of a gumball factory, have to match the gumballs to the right container.

What I think:

Really fun and challenging!

So, any negative aspects? Yes! It is quite repetitive.


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  1. None of my Apple ][ games looked like this. See what I did with that logo? Yeah. Hardcore. This is pretty cool though…it's like plinko where you just have to guess where the balls are going to have to go and hope you're right. Wish I could have played this on my old IIc! Or is that //c? Meh.

  2. A really difficult Easter egg was just discovered in this game after 33 years from its release. It's really fascinating to see what sorts of secrets are hidden in these fun little games! I want to create something like that myself!

  3. As a game dev myself hearing about that Easter egg that was found recently and having the dev comment about it in a reply makes me glad I chose this route in college. Watching this really makes me want to see the harder levels for this puzzle game. I need more Easter eggs in my games.

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