GT Spirit / Gear Club Apple TV Walkthrough – Gameplay Part 1 – Dream Coast Championship

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GT Spirit
Developer: Eden Games
Genre: Racing
Languages: English, Spanish, German, French

GT Spirit will let you explore breathtaking settings, while competing with your friends through unlimited Daily Events and Championships.

GT Spirit is much more than a quick adrenaline rush, it is an authentic world of cars

GT Spirit Apple TV Walkthrough – Gameplay Part 1 – Dream Coast Championship


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  1. To be honest, i would like to see a TDU3 from Eden Games rather than a mobile phone racing game, i hope they will make it in the future, it would be the best thing ever 🙁 So many people are requesting it, many people would buy it, i dont see any reason for not making TDU3…

  2. I haven't found this game on iOS App Store, is it possible that it was removed or something? If you know where to get it, could you help me with that?

  3. I could've sworn I knew the music right after the race in the Jag F-Type, and after a tiny bit of checking, I found that song. It was exactly what I thought it was: Mokhov – Fly Away. (Ordered like Darude – Sandstorm.)

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