Gorgon for the Apple II

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Game description:

A very early clone of the arcade game Defender for the Apple ][ written in E-Z Draw assembly language. The player controls a spaceship that must protect civilians on the ground from aliens that drop from the top of the screen and try to carry them off.

What I think:

An almost unplayable Defender rip-off. Mainly because the controls are SO bad!


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  1. I only know Defender from the version I played on my Apple IIc. I could never play the arcade game.The enemy ships look much cooler in this one.

  2. I've played this online back in the early eighties. Let me explain: Our cable TV provider here in Montreal back then, had a special channel you could tune to that would be displaying this game running on Apple 2 back at their studios. All you had to to was to have a touch-tone phone with the keyboard to use as a joystick when you were lucky enough to get through and get connected after many, many times dialing back and getting a busy signal until the player before you got a "game over"!

  3. @bgelais

    Trop drôle! Haha. On s'était même organisé avec 2 téléphones: un à bouton pour jouer, et un à roulette pour avoir la ligne…On signalait les 6 premiers chiffres et on retenait la roulette du dernier jusqu'à ce que la ligne se libère. On avait chronométré tout ça et on réussissais à avoir la ligne une fois sur deux. Il fallait vouloir! Il y avait aussi d'autres jeux dépendant des soirs. Échecs, dames, etc… Salut Bruno !

  4. if you hit the "B" key, (I think it was B) you get to this weird easter egg area where you fly amidst random objects like satellites and stuff..

  5. I remember figuring out as a kids that if you hit the B key (I think it was B) you got immediately transported to an easter-egg kind of bonus screen where you fly on a blank, black screen amidst weird flying objects like satellites and such.

  6. @gary duke, thank you you've just solved a 30 year old mystery. I used to play this as a kid on an apple ii and have always wondered why I ended up in that screen and always ended up dying there, so I must've hit the B key!

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