GOOD GAME GOLDEN APPLE! (Minecraft Battle-Dome with Woofless and Friends!) #15

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People in the video:

Music in the intro is by Approaching Nirvana!



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  1. Vikk is the nice guy that could be way better at pvp if he went try hard. Preston is the cheeky lava mob that always tries his best at pvp. Woofless is the guy that keeps stuff for himself and doesn't share much, but then you realise he is a good shot so he should have tons of arrows anyway. CraftBattleDuty is the young one, pretty nooby in most minecraft things he faces, but with lag sometimes on HIS side. Mitch is the Canadian,always ready to lead a team, go aggressive, stay defensive, and once won a 4v1 in Battle Dome. And Jerome, well, he is a stinkin bacca that loves axes chopping skulls,Mitch, and is always that funny sarcastic guy you love doing videos with.

  2. I love the part in the intro like light you on fire light you on fire light you on fire fight fight fight nooooooo… Please comment if you feel the same 🙂

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