Gear.Club – Launch Trailer – Now on Apple TV! #ForTheLoveOfCars

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GT Spirit is now Gear.Club!

Gear.Club lets you explore breathtaking settings, while competing with your friends through unlimited Daily Events and Championships. Gear.Club is much more than a quick adrenaline rush, it is an authentic world of cars.

Available now on Apple TV.

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Coming soon to iOS and Android.


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  1. I'm lookin forward to the Android version as I've only got the Apple TV 3 which can't handle Apps…
    I'm so glad that Eden Games finally releases a new Game! 🙂

  2. The game is good. But please I won't play this when I have a PS4 with project cars by my side. I do need this game on my mobile so I can play on the go. Really impressed by the graphics though

  3. +Eden Games Please can you bring an update to TDU2 on the PC and Consoles Beacouse I'm not gonna lie it's getting a bit boring….But it's an Awsome game and I still play the game so please Update it.Thx if you read this

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