Galactic Empire for the Apple II

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Came also out for:

Atari 8-bit

Game description:

Galactic Empire is the first game in the Galactic Saga. It is the game that launched Brøderbund software, and though little-known today, exerted a seminal influence on modern space conquest games such as Spaceward Ho! and Master of Orion. Doug Carlston wrote it while working as a lawyer. After finishing Galactic Empire he left his job to begin work for Brøderbund.

Originally written for the TRS-80, Galactic Empire was also ported to the Apple II and the Atari 400/800. A Macintosh port was developed by Cary Torkelson, with permission from Doug Carlston.

Subsequent games in the Galactic Saga are Galactic Trader, Galactic Revolution, and Tawala’s Last Redoubt.

The game navigation uses a list of planets with names beginning with a unique letter of the alphabet for easy access. The ‘R’ key is reserved for ‘Return’, and ‘Q’ for ‘Quit.’ The player has one fleet which travels from planet to planet, beginning with the home world ‘Galactica.’ Conquered planets can be taxed and produce troops used to take other planets. Each planet has a technology level above or below Galactica standard, which makes it easier or harder to conquer. It takes time to travel between planets to collect taxes and troops to conquer new planets. The player has 999 years to take the galaxy.

What I think:

Nice game, but fighting takes to long…and I had a small fleet. Makes you wonder how long it takes, if your fleet is bigger.


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  1. Is there a game like this but that has a galaxy map? Just a bunch of circles (planets) all over the place on a black backdrop? The battles work just like in this game where it's all about numbers, but there is a galaxy overview screen. I believe planets are two colors. One color represents planets you control, the other represents planets controlled by your opponent. I swear it was called Galactic Empire… and it looks almost exactly like this game. =/

  2. Yep you're right. You were the ruler of a fallen empire and you were working on bringing your empire back together. You have to invade the planets and bring them back.

    The cool part was that there were four technology levels. Primitive, Limited, Advanced and Superior. The Primitive and Limited planets didn't have space craft so you would just invade with troops. Your planet was only Advanced so when invading a Superior planet you had to bring lots of troops.

    Lots of fun…sigh…

  3. I remember having a monochrome monitor and stepping up to a CGA. I finally had color! then VGA adn Super VGA came out and I couldn't believe how awesome game looked. The 1970's through the 1990's were magical years for computers.

  4. Awesome that you showed that thank you. I remember playing this with my neighbor on his dad's Apple ii computer. It was really fun seems so simple and basic now

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