G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero! for the Apple II

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Came also out for:

Commodore 64

Game description:

G.I. Joe is a 2D action game with two different game types.

First type: With four Joes ( Ace – Jetfighter, Steeler – Tank, Wild Bill – Helicopter and Clutch – Jeep ) you have to destroy, in a Top-Down view, enemy tanks, radar stations and the cobra HQ. There are different geographical locations like wood, desert and arctic tundra.

Second type: Classic one on one. Sixteen Joes ( Duke, Scarlett, Recondo, Torpedo, Snake Eyes, Roadblock, Spirit, Zap, Gung-Ho, Snow Job, Blowtorch, Stalker ) vs. eight Cobras ( Destro, Baroness, Zartan, Firefly, Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, Major Bludd, Scrap-Iron ). Here we have different locations, too. City, Cobra HQ, arctic tundra, desert or wood. The two opponents have different weapons ( some are light and fast in reloading, others are heavy an slowly in reloading ). The man/woman who lost the battle will have to go to the prison and is not available for further battles.

What I think:

Lovely game, but the vehicle part is hard…but I don’t mind.


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  1. Great graphics. But the game is hindered by mediocre sound and slow game play. You could roll a cigarette by the time one of those shots hits you. C64 had a way better version. Rating 7.5 out of 10.

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