FVGM #33: Lotus Land Story – Bad Apple!!

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(Favorite Video Game Music #33)
It’s a Touhou Song…
This is what Bad Apple!! (the video with shadows) is from.

Contains footage from AeromancerKuu:

EDIT 2013-02-16: A custom thumbnail has been added.


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  1. I think Tales of Phantasia had quite good music too. There are quite some games that also have good music. Granted, there are many whose tunes are horrible, but that doesn't mean Touhou is the only one with good music.

  2. I've beaten this game on normal. With both characters. ^_^; Not all that hard, really. One of the easiest Touhou games I've played. Also, one of the best and most memorable soundtracks of any Touhou game I've played.

  3. Technically speaking, this is Bad Apple. The popular Bad Apple with the amazing PV is a vocal arrange of the Stage 3 theme of Lotus Land Story (The game he's playing right now). This one is the original.

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