Fortnite vs PUBG Mobile on iOS (iPad and iPhone) | Apple Arcade Ep. 3

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Fortnite: 7:52
PUBG: 38:54

We play both Fortnite: Battle Royale and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) on a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. With Fortnite, we played on iOS versus PC and console players, and in PUBG we played a 20-minute round with a friend of Macworld who was playing on an Android phone. Fortnite requires a beta signup (see below), but both games are available on iPhone as well.

PUBG Mobile on iOS App Store:

Fortnite: Battle Royale beta signup for iOS:

Fortnite First Look on Macworld:


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  1. Hey how come you guys don't stream it live here because it's not fun listening to this after it's recorded. And I Am blind. And there are more than 85 people that are blind asking for life. On YouTube. Too . It's better on YouTube. It would be easier for us and fun to be able to ask questions at the same time that you guys are life it's just not fair for us.

  2. I play about 50/50 Mac to iOS…….when I get the chance. I hope that Apple does more in gaming, like a more dedicated game engine that optimizes the hardware. The problem I see is that they would have to have dedicated scripting like Unity3D has with C#. Swift is still going through too many changes right now to do that, I think.

  3. (Fortnite locations on pornhub) shifty my shaft, loot my lake, tilt my tower, go to town on my tomato, flush my factory, haunt my hills, and you’ll be wailing on my wood

  4. The ipad vs a normal phone is pretty damn unfair. I mean my phone sits at 5 inches… Ipad is up to what almost 13? That means 3 of my phone can fit in the screen of an Ipad… It's funny how they made Emulator players play with Emulators but an Ipad is fine? I mean the screen space alone is pretty unfair.

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