First Person Only Servers July Update : PUBG’s

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  1. But everyone has the same 3rd person advantage right? The 1st person mechanics in pubg are just not good. Third person seems to work well in this game, in my opinion. But I can see the appeal. Great vid!

  2. third person advantages are shared as someone hiding behind a door could see someone enter the house but the other person could use third person to the player around the door.I like third person and don't want the game to go full first person as that would ruin it for me

  3. The people that use the "But everyone has the same 3rd person advantage?" just do not get it. It's about how much of a high reward and no risk one has when one has a nice camping spot PLUS the third person exploit by having eyes 5 feet away to your side or on top of you. It's just way too OP since you, in the camping spot can see the other player and they can not. It's just not fair or balanced and it's just cheesily and atrociously bad.

    It's not that we hate third person camera, nor the camping spot but how it unbalances the overall game. I know PU and the studio are trying to attract the casual player$ with the easy third person feature but there's a line that has been crossed for a game that is strictly competitve. Leave that hand holding and unbalanced bullshit to Battlefield 1 with its Battlefront-gimmicky like features.

    I don't hate third person players, I don't, I use that feature in PUBG because I have to so I won't be in any disadvantage but having some in the PUBG forums or subreddits to say that first person only servers wasn't needed because the game was made for third person is beyond silly and childish.

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