Eamon (Apple II) – Let’s Play 1001 Games – Episode 106

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Journey to a world of oddly-shaded-text and high adventure with Eamon on the Apple II

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I’m Gaming Jay: Youtube gamer, let’s player, retrogaming fan, and determined optimist… Join me in this series while I try out EVERY game in the book 1001 VIDEO GAMES YOU MUST PLAY BEFORE YOU DIE, before I die. The game review for each game will focus on the question of whether you MUST play this game before you die. But to be honest, the game review parts are just for fun, this series is more about the YouTube gamer journey. So let’s play those classic retro games we grew up with, have fond memories of, or heard of but never got a chance to try! And with that said, the game review for today is…

Released 1980
Developer(s) Donald Brown
Platform(s) Apple II, Atari
Genre(s) Adventure, Role-Playing Game, Interactive Fiction

Jay’s Thoughts
Back in the 70’s, RPG’s were not games played on computers or consoles, but games played by groups of friends who sat around a table and basically told stories to one another. Rule-based stories mind you, but stories nonetheless. As the RPG genre matured it eventually became highly rule-specific and morphed from a story-based medium to a more video-gamey style genre, with coordinates and positions and pre-planned dialogue options and graphical representations of units and becoming highly important. Now there’s nothing wrong with this shift, as some of my favorite games are indeed modern RPGs. But there is something to be said for returning to a more story-based interpretation of the genre. This is where Eamon comes in.

Eamon is a purely text-based adventure/RPG engine. In Eamon, you load up your adventure of choice, and then proceed to pretty much play through an interactive novel. You have skills and abilities for sure, and so your ability to fight your way through enemies and monsters matters, as does the loot you acquire, but much of what will happen to you on any particular adventure really depends on the choices you make and your actions within the context of the story.

If I’ve piqued your interest in Eamon that’s good, because there are hundreds of adventures to try, ranging from fantasy to sci fi to contemporary. So is Eamon a game you should play before you die? As someone who is a big fan of interactive fiction and choose-your-own adventure games, I think the answer is definitely yes. That said, this is a purely text-based affair, and so despite my enthusiasm I think that this game will not interest everyone out there. Take it for it’s worth, and give Eamon a try if you’re looking for a fun and interactive story.

➙ Must You Play It?
I personally really enjoy interactive fiction and surprisingly, despite being 30+ years old, this title holds up amazingly well in that regards. So if you’re looking for some heavily story-based adventuring, look no further. Then again, if you prefer more graphical interfaces, since this is a purely text-based game, this is probably not the game for you.


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  1. That's pretty poor parser for a text adventure…
    I had few for Commodore, as they often came with magazines which had free games on the cover tape. but never really played them as my english skills back then were not that good…

  2. Text does not equal story. This game looks like it has considerably less story than the average modern RPG. Its just a endless dungeon crawler with no real storyline.

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