Desert Map Loot Guide Miramar | Listed | PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Gameplay | #PUBG

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There has been a consensus of feedback saying that people wanted to see my take on the Desert Map Miramar in PUBG. Here it is with a few great spots for the Savage, the Gambler, the Mouse, and even the Cheese Rat. Please let me know what you think in the comments below and thank you for watching.
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Erengel Loot Video –

The Savage – 0:45
The Gambler – 4:25
The Mouse – 7:20
North Route – 8:05
South Route – 9:08
West Route – 10:00
East Route – 11:07
The Cheese Rat – 12:27

Interactive Map –

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Miramar Desert Map Loot Guide | Listed | PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds #PUBG


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  1. these routes are too long in time between loots, i have 2 main routes consisting only 5 bulildings and giving me 5/10 times 2 man loot…. easyest and the fastest way. el pozo and los santos, there are spesific buildings wich give better loot compared to bflats wich have too many doors and shit loot. ggez , in lsantos ive gotten 3 times 2 man loot from 3 small buildings, the odds are in my favor 🙂

  2. Awesome guide as always listed. You probably know that I'll watch this video a hundred more times like I do with all of your videos.
    Well, savage isn't something that works for me because I can't aim like this yet. I do gamble, and when in opportunity I do the cheese rat, when I have a good scope and a drop is close, and then back to gamble.
    Killing mode until I get to 20 alive and then chicken mode. Something my friends don't understand…

  3. Love it! I need to work being more of a savage and cheese rat. I also love the new intro to your vids! can't wait to play with you again my man! FPP that is! lol

  4. With the at most respect and not hitting on you. You sr seriously have one manly sexy voice. And don't let the name or picture fool you. I am a female. 😁👍

  5. epic cheese rat play last night. had NO helmet and Lvl 1 vest for MOST of the game with only an UMP and almost no meds on duo. duo partner went down soon after landing.

    tracked a package down and hid for team to come loot. Mowed them down and got the groza plus m4 plus lvl3/2 armor. made it all the way to the end and potatoed for a #2 finish. It was so freaking epic!

    not exactly cheese rat, more like a fox with the hunting, stealth, and strong attack, but ill take it.

  6. Cheese rats in solo are usually easy marks. Most will rush the loot drop directly through open fields under fire and even try and loot the other dead cheese rats box that u just killed there a minute ago. Beware, some cheese rats bite….. Glad ur back List

  7. What would you call the players who drop near popular loot areas, and prioritise getting a good short range gun, then rush to a point on the loot route, or a place the alpha coming out of a hotspot will likely go next, and just camp a tight spot to steal his loot? EG: Whoever wins at Water Treatment will almost always go to the garage to the South next. Why get all hot and sweaty when you can just wait while someone else collects loot for you?

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